• Who we are

    Who we are

    • Founded in 1977 and a pioneer in the woven fabric industry, ETEVIMOL is a reference in the area of weaving.

      With a productive capacity of 25,000 kgs/day, we offer a wide collection of woven products and solutions of excellence in weaving.

      In association with our partner ATB, specialized in the area of woven fabric finishing, we are able to respond to the most demanding requirements in this segment of the fashion rank.
  • Laboratory


    • We accurately process the quality control of the various raw materials destined for production, with the aim of ensuring a high quality level of regularity and consistency.
  • Quality System

    Quality System

    • The implementation of a certified quality system assumed at all levels of the organizational structure is an indispensable instrument of success in a constantly changing and ever more competitive world.

      This quality system is based on a set of actions of inspection and control of raw materials, as well as of all the products in course of internal or external manufacturing. It is in this way, by controlling every stage of the production process, that we ensure that our product meets the expectations of the customer.
  • Mission


    • Our mission is to guarantee excellence in the service provided, supported by a swift response to the customers’ requirements and a personalized customer assistance, having as main arguments the quality and the diversification of the product.

      In addition, ever since the beginning of its existence, our company has assumed as a central concern to add to its productive capacity a commercial area always very attentive to the evolution of the market and the customers’ needs.
  • Inspection


    • Throughout the production process, all woven fabric sets are subject to thorough inspection, in both open and tubular forms.

      Once the finishing process is complete, the woven fabric always undergoes rigorous inspection in open form. Only after this operation is the product made available to the customer.
  • Environment – Etevimol eco

    Environment – Etevimol eco

    • Preserving the Habitat is the key-phrase that illustrates our feeling towards the environment.

      We are certified by the following systems or institutions:
      IQNet (International Certification Network).
      APCER (Associação Portuguesa de Certificação), in compliance with the normative reference NP EN ISO 9001, since 2008.
      CITEVE (Centro Tecnológico das Indústrias Têxtil e do Vestuário).
  • Looms


    • The composition of our high-technology machinery park (both open and tubular machines) ensures us a place in the vanguard in this domain.
  • I&D – Investigation and Development

    I&D – Investigation and Development

    • The design of woven fabric is either developed by an external designer’s office or suggested by the customer.

      ETEVIMOL is a groundbreaking company in the research of the woven fabric types that best suit the market.

      The presentation of two annual collections (Spring-Summer / Autumn-Winter), with sensibly selected articles, clearly demonstrates our commitment to keeping up with the trends in the fashion market.
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      Rua da Estrada Nacional 103, nº435,
      Vilar do Monte,
      Apartado 52,
      4754-909 Barcelos

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